When using our software, you agree and accept the use of the following privacy policy in accordance with your personal and non-personal information.

Flat Wombat Studios uses Unity Analytics, and so collects device information like IP addresses and device identifiers, as well as events, actions, and time spent in game. We do not collect personal information unless you explicitly provide us with it, such as providing your name and email initially signing up for the beta, or when purchasing an item.
When using our software, you accept that we use 3rd party services like Unity Analytics and Unity iAP which collect data as outlined in their own privacy policies (see 'Information We Collect' for more information)

Information We Collect

The game engine we use, Unity, collects device information like IP address and device identifiers, as well as events completed or actions taken within the game, including level, number of credits, time it took you to earn them, metadata about in-game communications and the value and details of purchases, Which is passed onto us in Unity Analytics in the form of overall game usage data, such as active players, average session length, player retention and revenue. We only know the specific personally-identifiable information if the user supplies it directly to us, such as when providing a name and email address when signing up for the beta program through our website. We also now use Unity Ads which may target ads using data Unity3D may have collected from other games with Unity Analytics and Unity Ads.
3rd Party services like Unity Analytics, Unity Ads and Unity iAP, as well as the unity engine also collects device end user information in accordance with their own privacy policies, listed below

Our website only collects information you directly provide to us, and we only use cookies to give your browser a specific session ID. No personally-identifiable data is collected directly by us about you unless you provide it to us directly through an email or through a submission form on the site.

You can opt-out of Unity Analytics. Simply open an ad and click on the Unity Data Privacy Icon, as shown below, to opt-out of data collection. This will prevent targeted advertising and delete all of the data collected for analytics such as number of sessions or level competion status (this will NOT delete your existing completion status of the levels such as your star rating and best time).

Unity Data Privacy Icon

Unity Data Privacy Icon (for disabling data collection).

How do we use this information

We use the non-personal information we collect to improve our games. Tools like Unity Analytics allow us to more effectively provide useful and entertaining products for our customers as they provide an overview that can be useful in revealing potential issues which users have in our games. For example, if a level or instruction in our game isn't clear, we may be able to determine how many users get stuck there and for how long, so we can make changes to it in a future update to make instructions, controls, and general gameplay more beneficial for the end customer.

Personally identifyable information collected directly by us such as names and email addresses are only used to communicate and provide services to our users, such as providing access to beta releases of our games, or providing support to our users through direct email communication. As such, our support staff will have access to this personal information.

What Information do we Share

As described in 'Information We Collect', we collect most of our data through 3rd party services like Unity Analytics. As such, these services have access to your information as well. We may also have to share your information with 3rd parties, but only if it was the express purpose of gathering that information in the first place. For example, when you apply for beta access to our games, we have to disclose your personal information (like your email) to the mobile platform holders that host the beta programs for their respective online stores so we can supply our games through them to you. This means providing your email or other required personal information to Google if you sign up for the Android Beta or with Apple if you sign up for the iOS Beta.

Your Declaration

By using our software, you agree that your personal and non-personal information shall be used as described in the policy above.

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Privacy Policy Last Updated: 11/8/2019